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Organizational culture
Unique Culture of Hive Tech

Unique Culture of Hive Tech

Human Resources have the highest capability in bringing the company towards success. The HR team members, especially recruiters, are required to look for employees who are not only qualified in technical skills, but are also flexible enough to adjust according to the company environment and culture.

Each company has a different work culture, and each culture requires different qualities among its people. HR department shapes the culture of the company in such a way that ensures the achievement of the company’s goals. The values of the company should be embedded in the work environment. Not only should it help the company reach where it wants to be, but to also equip the company with long term assets in the form of loyal employees. Research suggests that people with same values as of the company tend to feel like a part of the company and put more efforts towards the company’s goals.

Hive Tech, itself, wants to become an example. We look forward to implementing such a culture which is unique, friendly, productive, and progressive. By building an environment which benefits both the employer and employee, we aim to recruit and retain such employees who are not only enthusiastic about their work, but are more of a strong character, ethical and kind towards their team members and colleagues. We are working towards building a place, where employees are not burdened with work. Rather they are required to do quality work within an environment where they feel more like a family member, where they feel supported, taken care of and are provided with enough resource to deliver desired results.

Discipline in organizational culture

Discipline is a must when it comes to achieving big goals. We believe that despite all the flexibility provided to employees, there should be no compromise on discipline regarding their responsibility and schedule. However, the formal structure with strict hierarchy is not appropriate when you want to treat your employees like a family. We continuously work to embed fun activities and informal get-togethers to engage our employees with the team and get time off of the daily work routine. Without work-life balance, employees tend to experience burnouts and severe stress. Hive Tech assists its employees in keeping a balance between work and life, so that they can be healthy and productive.

We believe that being a team, mutual support, discipline, efforts, and commitment would lead us to become an exemplary company with distinct culture that we aim to become in the long run.

If you believe you will make a great addition to the team, feel free to contact us or apply for a position now.


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