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Suitable battery for UPS/Power system

If you think of your UPS as the “nervous system” that supports your backup power system, batteries of your UPS are the “core” of that system. There are several types of batteries that can make up the core of the system.

VRLA Batteries for Power System

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid also known as Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA), this is the most common type found in modern UPS systems. They typically come with a 5 or 10 year design life and are best stored in dry. 

VRLA batteries are sealed inside a case which has a valve that vents to release gas if internal pressure gets too much.

Because they are sealed, they can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, so are suitable for use within battery compartments or external cabinets.

Advantages of VRLA batteries:

  1. VRLA battery is maintenance free
  2. No periodic water refilling is required
  3. The capacity range of VRLA battery is high
  4. Longer life span.
  5. These batteries are economical.

AGM batteries for power system

There are two main types of electrolyte composition used in a VRLA UPS battery: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel.

AGM batteries are preferred because they are economical with higher charge/discharge rate. They also offer more available power. Gel batteries are more useful in applications where the temperature is hotter and a slower rate of discharge is a priority.

Advantages of AGM batteries:

  1. Maintenance free
  2. Flexible installation
  3. Extremely safe
  4. Longer shelf life
  5. High rate performance

GEL Batteries for Power system

By comparison, Gel-filled VRLA has a higher internal resistance, which makes it less suitable for high-rate discharging common with UPS applications. It does offer advantages in terms of a wider operating temperature range and extended design life. 

They are mainly used for UPS (uninterruptable power supply) systems and work reliably in higher temperatures than other batteries. It can be mounted in any direction. They last longer than other batteries, and operate near their peak output for a longer time, until they quickly drop off.

Advantages of GEL batteries:

  1. Maintenance free, no need to add water
  2. Safe operation since no liquid inside
  3. Can be installed sideways (upside-down is not recommended)
  4. Long cycle life
  5. Low self-discharge makes shelf life longer.
  6. Long standby life due to its ability to keep electrolyte inside and steady
  7. Performance stays high and stable until the end of life
  8. Tolerance to abuse and heat during operation, good for extreme weather

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Our sales team will guide you thoroughly about which battery is good for your backup power system.


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