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OPzS Series Features and Advantages

The OPzS series VRLA battery features immobilized GEL and Tubular Plate technology to deliver high reliability and performance. The Battery is manufactured in compliance with DIN standards and with die-casting positive grid and patented formula of active material. The OPzS series has more than 25 years floating design life at 25 ℃ . It is the best solution for cyclic use under extreme operating conditions.

These OPzS Valve regulated batteries are also known as transition batteries. Unlike other lead-acid batteries, these traction batteries are usually constructed with a Styrene Acrylonitrile container, which allows for an easy visual check of acid levels. Even though these batteries are flooded, they are designed with leak-proof terminals and are completely insulated with solid copper inter-cell connectors.

OPzS batteries are top-of-the-line products, designed especially for applications that need frequent deep cycling. Even in remote installations that need extended discharge and great charging performance, they can provide considerable advantages in terms of single-cycle cost, reliability, and performance.


OPzS stands for: O = Ortsfest  Pz = PanZerplatte S = Flüssig


The battery’s long expected service life is due to its optimized alloy and relevant laboratory tests. The proven tubular plate technology ensures the best cycle stability and thus the highest operational reliability. The battery is also very robust in the event of deep discharges with a small current, which enables very long autonomy times.

Features: They have a cell voltage of 2V and must be connected in series to produce higher voltages. Also, they are distinguished from other types of batteries by their upright and vertical orientation. OPzS batteries also boast High Aptitude, Reduced Maintenance, Low Self-Discharging, Quick acid level control, and constant maintenance current.


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