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IT Solution Design Process

Complete Process of IT Solution Design

Blueprint for an IT system is a solution design that is created by combining software and hardware products. The solution design stage consists of several steps which are carried out by the engineers.

The first step signifies the solution design process while the second step signifies the outcome of the solution design process.

Why is IT solution design important?

The high-level visual representation of solution design describes how the organization will minimize the time and expense of solution implementation while maximizing the solution’s quality.

The provision of a successful user experience is described as achieving preset goals and objectives once coming up with a perfect solution. The success of a project is dependent on a well-thought-out design that eventually gives guidance and clarity. 

Reduces risks 

When designing a solution, take every precaution to reduce the risk of any potential delay, technical glitch, or degradation.

Less Expensive

The sooner an issue is recognized, the less expensive it is to correct it. Avoiding costly rework is a must on the path to quality management.

Requirement of the IT solution Design

The solution design process is an optimization exercise to generate a cost-effective solution that meets certain business objectives. These objectives are classified into two types: functional and non-functional. This section delves into those two categories.

The solution design process is required to generate a cost-effective solution that meets a certain corporate objective.

  1. Functional Requirement 

Functional requirements consist of features, services, and corporate activities that are provided to the end-user.

  1. Non-functional Requirement 

The non-functional requirement consists of the quality, security, and reliability of IT Solutions that are provided to the end-user. The security consists of confidentiality, integrity, accountability as well as authenticity.

Essential steps:

The complete process of IT solution design consists of the following steps:

Solution Designing steps
  • Investigate

Research is conducted for a detailed plan by defining problems and analyzing parameters.

  • Generate

Ideas are developed, documented, and communicated to the team. Options are discussed and the most suitable one is selected for a better outcome.

  • Produce

The entire procedure is written and read by a dedicated team of developers who will design the solution, and the findings of each individual are then recorded in selecting the most suitable one.

  • Evaluate

Feedback is provided by making judgments of the selected plan. Alternatives are also suggested.

  • Plan and manage

A selected project plan is discussed, and necessary steps are further implementation.

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