TMD 9 (Diff. Temperature) (SYSTRONIK)

This temperature measuring instrument provides datalogging on microSD card. Also Bluetooth® or QR Code for data transmission to the EuroSoft® connect App.




  • Features
  • Short response time for measurements at cycles of a second
  • Data logger function for long term analysis
  • Data transmission by Bluetooth®, QR code, infrared or microSD card.
  • Very long battery life due to rechargeable Li-ion battery (38 hours)
  • Two inputs for attaching fast thermocouple probes of the K-type

The temperature of liquids, surfaces or ambient air can be measured reliably, quickly and accurately with TMD 9. The instrument offers two temperatures measurements simultaneously (for example, Flow and return temperature) and displays min. and max. values and calculation of the differential temperature (delta T).

The TMD 9 temperature measuring instrument use the latest data transmission technologies for easy documentation of the measured values (e.g. PDF reports). The measurement results are transferred reliably and fast to tablets, smartphones or PCs with Bluetooth® or QR code. The EuroSoft® connect App is the ideal tool when it comes to evaluating, storing and viewing the measurement results on your device. EuroSoft® connect is available for Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, the TMD 9 measuring instrument feature a microSD slot so that you can save your measurement results on microSD card as well.

General data
Dimensions H x W x D 143 x 66 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 154 g
Material housing Plastic (PA)
Display type 2.8 ” TFT (240 x 320 pixels)
Measuring range -50 to 1,150 °C
Accuracy ±1 °C + 1 digit (< 300 °C)
±1 % RDG (> 300 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Response delay (t90) < 5 seconds
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Data interface Bluetooth®
QR code generator
microSD card
Wireless infrared connection with optional EUROprinter
Connection 2x socket for thermocouple
Power supply Mini USB mains unit (5 V)
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3.6 V/1800 mAh)
Memory type optinal microSD card up to 16 GB
Ingress protection rating IP42 (EN 60529)


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