Fiber Optic LSH/UPC (E-2000™) Simplex Singlemode Cords (AT&T)

Simplex Single-mode Cords made with single-mode fibers and terminated with LSH/UPC connectors (AT&T)


Fiber type: Select a single-mode fiber
Buffer type: 900µ tight flame retardant LS0H coating
Strength elements: Served aramid and glass yarn
Mini-cable jacket material: Flame retardant LS0H compound

Standard & EU Directives Conformance

• Relevant sections of ANSI/TIA-568.3-D
• Relevant sections of ISO/IEC 11801
• Relevant sections of EN 50173
• Relevant sections of ANSI/TIA/EIA-604 (FOCIS)
• Relevant sections of IEC 60874
• Relevant sections of IEC 61753
• Relevant sections of IEC 61754
• IEC 60332-1 flame test
• IEC 60754 & IEC 61034
• EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS-2)

Mechanical Properties

Short term bend radius: 20xOD mm
Long term bend radius: 10xOD mm
Operating temperature: -20 to +60C
Default jacket color: Yellow
E-2000™ is a trademark of Diamond SA


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