STM 225 Black Edition + MULTILYZER® STx Set (SYSTRONIK)

Top quality dust measuring set for determining the mass concentration of particles/dust and for monitoring the limit values of particulate matter on solid fuel systems.


  • Intuitive operation via menu-guided measuring sequences
  • Easy Bluetooth® connection of flue gas analyzer MULTILYZER® STx as central controller for operation, flue gas analysis and data output.
  • Visualization via 5.7“ color touch display
  • Permanent indication of the current measured value
  • Short setup time due to fast heat-up and calibration phase

The STM 225 Black Edition + MULTILYZER® STx Set perform accurate determination of the mass concentration of particles/dust on solid-fuel systems such as pallets or wood fired systems.

Scope of delivery
570200A STM 225 Black Edition
570201 Transport bag for STM 225
570203 Probe ENS-W 300 mm, curved
570205A Heated hose ENL-H 2
523565 Air filter
570210 Cleaning set for STM 225
500208 Filter set
M04741217 MULTILYZER® STx (O2, CO, CO+, P-D7, BLE)
500296 Hose kit-adapter 2 m
521844 Air sensor
511035 microSD card 4GB with card reader
523493 Power supply unit
523506 Charging cable
General data
Measuring range 0 to 300 mg/m3 dust
Measured values
O2: 0 to 21 vol.-%
CO/H2: 0 to 12.000 mg/m3
CO: 0 to 50.000 mg/m3
Resolution 0.1 mg/m3
Power supply AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Ingress protection rating IP40 (EN 60529)



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