SG Series IEC (ABB)

Reliable and efficient standalone UPS for critical applications

The SG Series is one of the best performing, most reliable and most versatile three-phase UPS systems available to those who need critical power protection. Power peace-of-mind for a wide range of applications is guaranteed – at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

This true online double conversion UPS exploits its network integration software and communication connectivity to provide comprehensive, easy-to integrate power protection for almost any IT environment. The SG Series operates in VFI (voltage frequency independent) mode, which maximizes load protection at any time. Instead of standard filters, the UPS runs an innovative control algorithm on the IGBT rectifier to ensure the delivery of clean power in a most efficient manner.

The SG Series UPS provides top-class reliability and performance while complying with all relevant EMC and safety standards. ABB’s unique RPA™ technology (redundant parallel architecture) allows units to work in parallel, thus further increasing reliability and uptime.

 Key features:

• eBoost technology for high efficiency – up to 99 percent

• Up to 94.6 percent efficiency

• PurePulse IGBT rectifier: clean input <2 percent THDi

• Output power factor: 1.0 (10-40 kVA), 0.9 (60-600 kVA)

• True front access design

• Small footprint

• Inverter zig-zag isolation transformer

• Extremely low output voltage distortion

• Superior battery management

• Intelligent energy management integrated (IEMi)

• Backfeed protection

• Built-in maintenance bypass

• Parallelable up to six units

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General data
System power range (KVA)
10-40; 60-80; 100-120; 160; 200-300; 400-500;
Active power / frame (kW)
10/15/20/30/40;  54/72;  90/108;  144;  180/225/270;  360/450
UPS output rated PF   0.9
Max no of parallel frames   Up to 6 frames
Max system power   Up to 30 modules
Max system power   3000 kW
Wiring   3ph + N + PE
UPS type   Three-phase standalone
Topology   Online double conversion
Nominal input voltage 3 x 380/400/415 V + N
Voltage range 340-460 V 
Frequency range 45-66 Hz
Current THD at 100% load < 3%
Power Factor at 100% load ≥ 0.99
Rated output voltage (load dependent) 3 x 380/400/415 V + N
Voltage THD (with linear load) <2% linear load, <3% nonlinear load (EN 62040)
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Double conversion
Up to 92.3% Up to 91.9% Up to 92.1% Up to 94.2% Up to 94.6% Up to 94.2%
Up to 98% Up to 97.9% Up to 97.9% Up to 98.4% Up to 98.5% Up to 98.7


User interface Multilingual graphic display (LCD)
Communication ports RS232, SNMP (Modbus IP, RS232, RS485 & BacNet IP)
Software Monitoring and shutdown software available as option


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