Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ Industrial UPS (ABB)

Single phase 10-80kVA

ABB’s Cyberex PowerBuilt is a true online double-conversion industrial UPS designed to support the continuing demand from downstream refining and petrochemical processing, upstream oil and gas processing, power generation, and the growing regulatory and safety needs of today’s industrial complexes.

Cyberex PowerBuilt industrial UPS features a proprietary amplitude detection control design that results in faster, more accurate fault sensing for system reliability and critical load protection. It is equipped with an unmatched user interface with full-color touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) for self-guided serviceability with minimal engagement, as well as the latest communication protocols. It also features a patented digital static transfer switch design, which enhances system performance through increased redundancy and reliability. The fully rated switch provides better protection of critical loads from input power transients and interruptions by eliminating any single point of failure.

The Cyberex PowerBuilt industrial UPS features an innovative insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)-based pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter design that employs active current limitation for higher short circuit tolerance. In the event of a load side short circuit or over-current that cannot be supplied by the inverter, the UPS logic will transfer away from the active inverter source, thereby preventing the fault condition from damaging the inverter.

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General data
System power range 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 kVA
UPS output rated PF  0.8
Max. no of parallel frames  Up to 2 frames
Topology  True online double conversion
Enclosure Dimensions  10 – 40 kVA*:  37″W x 34.25″D x 81.5″H
(*40 kVA high bus only)
40 – 80 kVA:    80″W x 38.25″D x 81.5″H
Nominal input voltage 480 VAC 3W+G. Other voltage are also available
Input voltage range +10, -20%VAC from nominal
Input power factor 0.75 @ full load and nominal
Current walk-in Up to full load in > 10 seconds
Input current THD% 30–35% typical
DC bus/battery
DC voltage (nominal) 120VDC (60 cells nominal, up to 60 kVA)
240VDC (120 cells nominal)
DC range 105–140VDC/210–280VDC
DC regulation ± 1% over full load
DC ripple ± 1% RMS of the DC battery voltage at 100%
load with battery connected
DC-AC efficiency 86% (typical)
DC end volts 1.75 V/cell end volts
Rated output voltage 120 VAC 2W+G  (other voltage are also available)
Voltage regulation <± 0.5% steady state for 0 to 100%
load change
Transient response max. <± 15% for a 100% load step
Recovery Return to within ± 1% of nominal within
16 ms
Voltage distortion Linear loads: <± 2% @100% load
Non-linear loads: <± 4% @100% load
Overload Up to 150% for 10 minutes
Overload static bypass 1000% for 0.1 seconds
Frequency 60 Hz
Frequency stability ± 0.01%
Frequency slew rate Factory set 1Hz/s, user adjustable range:
0.2 – 100Hz/s
User interface Full-color touch screen monitor panel, 6″ X 8″
Communication ports USB Service Port, RS-485, Modbus RTU & ASCII
Indications Mimic, LED
Acoustical noise level 65 dbA typical at 3 meters with redundant
Operating temperature 0–40°C
Relative humidity 5–95% non-condensing
Enclosure Protection NEMA 1
Operating altitude Up to 1000 meters w/o derating load
Access No rear or side access required for operations
or maintenance
Online double conversion efficiency Typical 83% (kW out/kW in)
Cooling Air cooled with redundant cabinet fans
Safety & Acceptance  NEMA/UL-1778
– CSA C22.2 no.107.3-0S
– IEC 62040-2, category 3
– IEC 62040-3 dynamic output classification 1 – sensitive critical loads
– ANSI/NFPA 70 (2014) – conductors

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


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