DPA 250 S4 (Modular) (ABB)

The most energy-lean UPS on the market

The DPA 250 S4 has a high-efficiency, modular architecture that offers best reliability for environmentally conscious organizations that also need zero downtime and low cost of ownership. The DPA 250 S4 is specially designed for critical, high-density computing environments such as small- to medium-sized data centers.

The DPA 250 S4 sets the standard for the next decade of UPS progress with advanced features such as its transformer-free IGBT converters that feature three-level topology with interleaving controls to enable market-leading efficiency of 97.6 percent for the UPS module. This high efficiency reduces operational costs and minimizes environmental impact.

The DPA 250 S4 online double conversion modular uninterruptible power supply represents the latest technological innovation. This modular UPS is based on decentralized parallel architecture (DPA™), where every UPS module is practically its own UPS, having all the essential functional units needed for independent operation. DPA increases system reliability and availability compared to other modular UPS solutions in the market, as there is inherent redundancy between the UPS modules on all functional levels.

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General data
UPS frame rated power 300 kW
UPS module rated power 50 kW
UPS output rated PF 1.0
Max no of parallel frames Up to 5 frames
Max no of parallel modules across frames Up to 30 modules
Max system power 1500 kW
Wiring 3ph + N + PE
UPS type Modular (DPA)
Topology Online double conversion
Nominal input voltage 220/380, 230/400, 240/415 VAC
Voltage range 161/280 – 264/460 VAC
Frequency range 35 – 70 Hz
Current THD at 100% load < 3%
Power Factor at 100% load ≥ 0.99
Rated output voltage (load dependent) 220/380, 230/400, 240/415 VAC
Voltage THD (with linear load) < 2%
Rated frequency 50 or 60 Hz (selectable)
Double conversion Up to 97.6% module efficiency,
up to 97.4% system efficiency
Eco-mode 99%
User interface Module level LCD + mimic diagram System graphical display
Communication ports USB, RS-232, SNMP slot, potential-free contacts
Software Monitoring and shutdown software available as option

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. 


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