Designed for commercial and industrial applications, ABB’s PCS100 industrial UPS has power ratings from 150 kVA to 3 MVA.


Designed for industry

The ABB PCS100 UPS-I is a high performance, high efficiency UPS system that ensures protection from power quality events, enabling continuous power supply to modern industrial processes. Designed for industrial applications (tooling, machinery, robotics, drives and motors), ABB’s PCS100 Industrial UPS provides a seamless power supply, eliminating downtime.

Protection from power quality events

Voltage sags, surges and short outages are common events that often cause electric and electronic equipment to malfunction. When such events occur in critical control operations, they can cause the complete shutdown of a facility. The PCS100 UPS-I is designed to solve these problems. It is a robust single conversion UPS and is used to protect sensitive loads from sags, surges and outages using ultracapacitor or battery energy storage. A lower total cost of ownership than alternative solutions, makes the PCS100 UPS-I a high performance, high efficient UPS system.

Robust with high availability

Harsh electrical environments are often found in modern industry. The modular inverter construction and fail-safe electro-mechanical bypass enable the PCS100 UPS-I to provide the highest system availability. Coupled with the small footprint and easy serviceability, this low maintenance, high efficiency industrial UPS is the solution for all power protection applications.

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Utility – Input
Rated Supply Voltage (according to model) 220 V (208 – 220 V)
400 V (380 – 400 V)
480 V (415 – 480 V)
Note: Operation at lower than the rated voltage results in less kVA per module. Consult the rating tables for more information
Voltage tolerance ± 10%
Nominal supply frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Frequency tolerance ± 5 Hz
Maximum Continuous Voltage 110%
Power system 3 phase + Neutral (4-Wire) Centre ground referenced (TN-S)
Contact us for use in other power systems
Overvoltage category III
Fault capacity Refer to the model tables in the PCS100 UPS-I  technical catalogue
Efficiency (400 V & 480 V models) 99% (typical)
Efficiency (220 V models) 98% (typical)
Overload and Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker (not included)
Overload Capacity 120% for 60 s
150% for 30 s
200% for 10 s
300% for 5 s

Not more than once every 10 minutes. For more information refer to the PCS100 UPS-I technical catalogue

Load – Output
Capacity Rating 150 kVA to 3000 kVA
Displacement Power Factor of Connected Load 0.5 lagging to 0.9 leading
Crest Factor for Rated kVA 2.0
Maximum allowed motor load 25% of rated kVA
Contact ABB for applications with greater than 25%
Overload Capability – Inverter 110% for 30 s
Inverter Supply
Maximum operating period 30 s at rated load
Transfer time ≤ 1.8 ms (typical)
Voltage Settling time ≤ 5 ms (typical)
Cooling Air cooled, fan forced
Minimum output voltage > 95% at end of discharge
Output Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Inverter frequency equals the supply frequency.
Frequency accuracy 0.10%
Overload capability 110% for 30 s
Voltage distortion < 2.5% THDv for linear loads
Voltage unbalance
(negative / positive sequence)
<3% for 100% unbalanced loads
Fault capacity (short circuit) 120% of rated current
Fail-Safe Bypass
900 A Utility Disconnect Integrated normally closed contactors
2200 A & 4200 A Utility Disconnect Optional air circuit breaker (ACB)
Overload Capability 150% for 500 s
200% for 300 s
300% for 120 s
500% for 30 s
Note: Not more than once every 30 minutes.
Closing Time 900 A 20 ms
Closing Time 2200 & 4200 A 80 ms
Cooling Convection
Coupling Transformer
Capacity Rating 110% of PCS100 UPS-I kVA rating for 30 s
Note: Optimized for short-term performance.
Type Dry
UL Insulation Class N (200 °C)
Design Temperature Temperature rise 60 °C for short-term full load operation
Typical Impedance 8%
Note: The PCS100 UPS-I incorporates impedance voltage compensation control methods
Energy Storage – Ultracapacitors
System DC Nominal Voltage 750 V DC
Discharging Voltage Range 750 V DC to 554 V DC
Overload Capacity 100%
Rated power 300 kW per string
Autonomy period 2 s @ 300 kW
For more information refer to the autonomy calculations in refer to the PCS100 UPS-I  technical catalogue
Operationg tempertaure  15 °C to 25 °C (recommended)
Design life  15 years at 25 °C
Cycle Life  > 500,000
Recharge time  < 45 s
Energy Storage – Batteries
System DC Nominal Voltage 672V DC (56 x 12V DC)
Discharging Voltage Range 780 V DC to 554 V DC
Overload Capacity 100%
Rated power 240 kW per string
Autonomy period 30 s @ 240 kW
For more information refer to ABB Document 2UCD120000E018
Operationg tempertaure 15 °C to 25 °C (recommended)
Design life 10 years at 25 °C
Cycle Life > 800 (full load 30 s discharge)
Recharge time < 30 min
System DC Nominal Voltage 672 V DC (56 x 12V DC)
Dsicharging Voltage Range 780 V DC to 554 V DC
Event Recording
Measurement Method Line to Line
Sample Time 125 µs
Resolution of time stamp in event log 10 ms
Measurement Type Half-cycle RMS according to IEC 61000-4-30
Operating temperature range 0° C to 40° C
32° F to 104° F
Operating altitude 1< 1000 m without derating
Capacity derating with altitude 1% every 100 m
above 1000 m
2000 m maximum
Humidity < 95%, non-condensing
Pollution degree rating  2
Noise  < 75dBA @ 2 m
Enclosure rating IP20 / NEMA 1
Material Electro-galvanized steel
Panel Thickness Side and Rear10 ms 1.5 mm
Panel Thickness Door 2 mm
Finish  Standard epoxy-polyester powder coating textured finish
Color  RAL7035
Enclosure Access  Hinged doors with key lock
User Interface
User Interface 10.1” color touch panel
Touch panel Full parameter control
Control inputs  Start / Stop / Reset digital inputs
Control outputs Running, warning and fault relays
Serial Coms
Access protocol Ethernet connectivity
Modbus TCP
Standards and Certifications
 Quality  ISO 9001
 Marking  CE
 Construction and safety  IEC 62040-1
 Electromagnetic Compatibility  IEC 62040-2, Category C3
 Performance  IEC 62040-3,
VFD SX 211 ≤ 450 kVA
VFD SS 211 > 450 kVA

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


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