PowerWave 33 S3 Highlights (ABB)

Reliable double conversion UPS ensures the critical load is never affected by utility disturbances.

High, 96 percent efficiency in double conversion mode reduces running costs without compromising reliability.

Space-saving mechanical design has a footprint of only 0.30 m² and front-to-top airflow allows installation against the wall.

Front service access reduces time needed for maintenance.

Up to 10 UPSs in parallel can give additional capacity and/or redundancy.

Integrated system – this UPS has a maintenance bypass switch, single or dual input feed configurations as well as other features, integrated into the system.

Highly flexible battery configuration supports usage of 42-48 battery blocks in a string. This allows optimizing the battery and reduces the need to oversize.

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Easily scalable for capacity and redundancy

Up to 10 units can be connected in parallel to provide over a megawatt of UPS power or redundant backup. This scalability means the UPS system capacity can be sized to match the load power needs, with the possibility to add incremental capacity later, when power needs change. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of the UPS are substantial.

Space-saving and simple to service

Space-saving mechanical design results in a footprint of only 0.30 m² and front-to-top airflow allows installation directly against a wall. For service, only frontal access is needed, which means that the total footprint with maintenance clearances is minimized and overall time required for service and maintenance is shortened.


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