BLUELYZER® ST is ideally suited for monitoring and servicing small and medium-sized oil and gas-fired systems.



  • The world’s smallest, fully-featured HVAC all-rounder with TFT colour display
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth®, QR code, infrared or microSD card
  • Very long battery life due to rechargeable Li-ion battery (12 hours)
  • Extenable with CAPBs® units and high-quality accessories for all types of service measuring tasks

BLUELYZER® ST is ideally suited for monitoring and servicing small and medium-sized oil and gas fired systems. The compact size and the intuitive, coloured menu make operating the instrument a breeze. Accurate measurements of O2, CO, temperatures, pressure (draft) as well as precise calculation of various parameters such as lambda, combustion efficiency (Eta), flue gas loss (qA), dew point and CO2.

The BLUELYZER® ST residential combustion analyzer use the latest data transmission technologies for easy documentation of the measured values (e.g. PDF reports). The measurement results are transferred reliably and fast to tablets, smartphones or PCs with Bluetooth® or QR code. The EuroSoft® connect App is the ideal tool when it comes to evaluating, storing and viewing the measurement results on your device. EuroSoft® connect is available for Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, the BLUELYZER® ST measuring instruments feature a microSD slot so that you can save your measurement results on microSD card as well.

General data
Dimensions H x W x D 143 x 66 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 275 g
Material housing Plastic (PA)
Display type 2.8″ TFT (240 x 320 pixels)
Air pressure range 750 to 1,100 hPa
Humidity range 20 to 80 % rh
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Data interface Bluetooth®
QR code generator
microSD card
Wireless infrared connection with optional EUROprinter
Connection Gas: 1x Ø 8 mm
Pressure: 1x Ø 7 mm
Temperature: 2x Thermocouple socket
Power supply Mini USB mains unit (5 V)
Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6 V / 1,800 mAh
Memory type optional microSD card up to 16 GB
Ingress protection rating IP42 (EN 60529)
O2 (oxygen)
Measuring range 0 to 21.0 vol.-%
Accuracy ±0.2 vol.-% RDG
Resolution 0.1 vol.-%
Response delay (t90) < 30 seconds
CO (carbon monoxide)
Measuring range 0 to 2,000 ppm (max. 6,000 ppm)
Accuracy ±5 ppm (< 50 ppm)
±5% RDG (> 50 ppm)
Resolution 1 ppm
Response delay (t90) < 60 seconds
Flue gas temperature
Measuring range 0 to 1,150 °C
Accuracy ±1 °C + 1 digit (< 300 °C)
±1 % RDG (> 300 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Response delay (t90) < 30 seconds
Ambient air temperature
Measuring range -20 to 200 °C
Accuracy ±3 °C + 1 digit (< 0 °C)
±1 °C + 1 digit (> 0 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Response delay (t90) < 30 seconds
Option: COhigh (carbon monoxide)
Measuring range 0 to 2.0 Vol.-% (= 20,000 ppm)
Accuracy ±10 ppm (< 200 ppm)
±5 % RDG (> 200 ppm)
Resolution 1 ppm
Response delay (t90) < 60 seconds
Option: Draft/pressure
Measuring range ±70 hPa (draft)
±150 hPa (pressure)
Accuracy ±0.02 hPa (< 2.00 hPa)
±1 % RDG (> 2.00 hPa)
Resolution 0.01 hPa (< 20 hPa)
0.1 hPa (> 20 hPa)
Max. overload 1350 hPa
Response delay (t90) < 10 seconds


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