TMD 7 (Diff. Temperature) (SYSTRONIK)

The (differential) temperature of liquids, surfaces or ambient air can be measured reliably, quickly and accurately with TMD 7.



  • Short response time for measurements at cycles of a second
  • Large, lit LC display for simultaneous indication of two measured values
  • Hold function for measured values
  • Fast determination of differential temperature
  • Automatic segment test when program starts

The dual-channel TMD 7 temperature measuring instrument excels with easy handling. The large LC display with two lines provides clear readings. No graphical gimmicks, but optimum display of measurement results.

TMD 7 can measure two temperatures simultaneously (for example, ambient air temperature and water temperature).

General data
Dimensions H x W x D 143 x 66 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 250 g
Material housing Plastic (PA)
Display type 7-segment LCD with LED backlights
Measuring range -50 to 1,100 °C
Accuracy 3.0 % RDG ±2.0 K (-50 to 0 °C)
0.5 % RDG ±0.5 K (0 to 100 °C)
0.5 % RDG ±1 K (100 to 1,100 °C)
Resolution 0.1 °C (< 100 °C)
1 °C (> 100 °C)
Operating temperature 0 to 45 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Probe connection 2x socket for thermocouple
Power supply 2x 1.5 V batteries AA


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