S4600 ST Series (SYSTRONIK)

The state of the art BlueLine® S4600 ST pressure measuring instruments feature Bluetooth®, QR code and microSD for data transmission.



  • Six (differential) pressure measuring ranges from measuring instrument for ultra-low pressure (20 mbar) to version for very high pressure (18 bar)
  • High quality pressure sensor with temperature compensation
  • Menu guided Tightness and Load test for gas and water pipes
  • Features Bluetooth® and QR code data transmission to the EuroSoft® connect App
  • Extendable with CAPBs® units and high-quality accessories for all types of service measuring tasks

The series S4600 ST pressure measuring instruments are ideal for measurements and adjustments under field conditions. Color-coded, clearly structured menus ensure maximum ease of use of this high-quality manifolds. High measuring accuracy, user-friendliness and reliability are some of the outstanding features of this innovative product. Professional instrument for installation, maintenance and service of gas and water pipes. Specially designed to carry out reliable leak tightness checks, load tests and serviceability tests in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

The S4600 ST pressure meters use the latest data transmission technologies for easy documentation of the measured values (e.g. PDF reports). The measurement results are transferred reliably and fast to tablets, smartphones or PCs with Bluetooth® or QR code. The EuroSoft® connect App is the ideal tool when it comes to evaluating, storing and viewing the measurement results on your device. EuroSoft® connect is available for Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, the S4600 ST series instruments feature a microSD slot so that you can save your measurement results on microSD card as well.

Pressure meter S4600 ST series
M066050116 S4602 ST up to 20 hPa
M066010116 S4601 ST up to 150 hPa
M066020116 S4610 ST up to 1,000 hPa
M066030116 S4650 ST up to 5,000 hPa
M066040116 S4680 ST up to 8,000 hPa
M066100116 S4699 ST up to 18 bar
General data
Dimensions H x W x D 143 x 66 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 228 g
Material housing Plastic (PA)
Display type 2.8″ TFT (240 x 320 pixels)
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Data interface Bluetooth®
QR code generator
microSD card
Wireless infrared connection with optional EUROprinter
Power supply Mini USB mains unit (5 V)
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6 V / 1,800 mAh
Memory type optional microSD card up to 16 GB
Ingress protection rating IP42 (EN 60529)
Barometric pressure 500 to 1150 hPa
Technical data pressure I
Measuring range
Max. overpressure
Response delay (t90)
S4602 ST ±20 hPa
Pitot: 0.5 to 50 m/s
250 hPa < 10 seconds
Pitot: < 20 seconds
S4601 ST ±150 hPa
Pitot: 2.0 to 50 m/s
1350 hPa < 10 seconds
Pitot: < 20 seconds
S4610 ST ±1,000 hPa 16 bar < 10 seconds
S4650 ST ±5,000 hPa 16 bar < 10 seconds
S4680 ST ±8,000 hPa 16 bar < 10 seconds
S4699 ST ±18,000 hPa 28 bar < 10 seconds
Technical data pressure II
Connection type
S4602 ST ±0.003 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
Pitot: ±0.3 m/s
0.001 hPa
Pitot: 0.1 m/s
2x Ø 8 mm
S4601 ST ±0.03 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
Pitot: ±0.8 m/s
0.01 hPa (< 100 hPa)
0.1 hPa (> 100 hPa)
Pitot: 0.1 m/s
2x Ø 8 mm
S4610 ST ±0.3 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
0.1 hPa (< 1,000 hPa)
1 hPa (> 1,000 hPa)
2x Ø 8 mm
S4650 ST ±0.7 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
0.1 hPa (< 1,000 hPa)
1 hPa (>1,000 hPa)
2x Ø 8 mm
S4680 ST ±1.2 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
0.1 hPa (< 1,000 hPa)
1 hPa (> 1,000 hPa)
2x Ø 8 mm
S4699 ST ±3.0 hPa
±0.50 % RDG
1 hPa 2x Ø 3 mm


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