The high-precision S2600® series instruments for pressure and differential pressure measurements.




  • Four (differential) pressure measurement ranges (±150 mbar, ±1 bar, ±5 bar, ±8 bar)
  • Measured values are displayed in 8 units: mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmHg, inHg, psi, bar
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Hold function for short-term freezing of measured value
  • Fully automatic device check, manual and automatic zero calibration during program start

The S2600® pressure measuring instruments excel with the large and clearly structured display as well as with maximum user-friendliness. The excellent surface feel of the device in a robust protective sleeve optimally rounds off the outstanding product.

The high-quality S2600® pressure measuring instruments are certified as per EN 50379-2 and can be used in a great variety of applications. Application examples: Measurement of gas flow pressure and static pressure on gas boilers, inspection of filters and gas lines, check of ventilation systems and liquid tanks, measurement of chimney draft and vacuum, etc.

Pressure meter S2600® series
M060010110 S2601 up to 150 hPa
M060020110 S2610 up to 1,000 hPa
M060030110 S2650 up to 5,000 hPa
M060040110 S2680 up to 8,000 hPa
General data
Dimensions H x W x D 143 x 66 x 37 mm
Weight approx. 250 g
Material housing Plastic (PA)
Display type 7-segment LCD with LED backlights
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Power supply 2x 1,5 V alkaline batteries AA
Ingress protection rating IP40 (for indoor use only EN IEC 60529)
Technical data I
Model Measuring range Overpressure Connection type
S2601 0 to 150 hPa max. 1.35 bar 2x Ø 8 mm
S2610 -50 to 1,000 hPa max. 3 bar 2x Ø 8 mm
S2650 -100 to 5,000 hPa max. 10 bar 2x Ø 8 mm
or 2x Ø 3 mm (Festo)
S2680 -100 to 8,000 hPa max. 10.5 bar 2x Ø 8 mm
or 2x Ø 3 mm (Festo)
Technical data II
Model Resolution Accuracy (% of reading)
S2601 0.01 hPa (< 20)
0.1 hPa (> 20)
±0.03 mbar or 1.0 ±1 digit
S2610 0.1 hPa (< 200)
1.0 hPa (> 200)
±0.3 mbar or 1.0 ±1 digit
S2650 0.1 hPa (< 200)
1.0 hPa (> 200)
±0.7 mbar or 1.0 ±1 digit
S2680 1 hPa ±1.2 mbar or 1.0 ±1 digit


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