Power Value 11LI Up and Pro (ABB)

Offering quality protection and automatic voltage correction for lower-power operations

ABB’s design, technology and quality experience in high-end UPS engineering has been applied to design these UPSs that offer full protection and complete peace of mind by ensuring the connected equipment always sees a clean, regulated and reliable voltage.

Both UPSs share many features: As well as intervening within 2 to 6 ms to provide power when the mains is lost, they also filter out input power disturbances such as surges, line noise or harmonics. If the input power factor starts to play up, advanced protection software will automatically correct it.

An integrated cold-start feature allows the UPSs to start up by themselves – when needed. Both the PowerValue 11LI Up and PowerValue 11LI Pro are available in models that span the 600 to 2,000 VA range.

Intended for users with lower power requirements, the line-interactive PowerValue 11LI Up is the ideal UPS for modest IT applications. On the other hand the PowerValue 11LI Pro is the perfect candidate for entry-level network applications – such as server rooms in offices, network cabinets, workstation clusters, domestic networks, point-of-sale, network-attached data storage arrays and similar-sized situations.

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Enhanced runtime

  • Up to four (Up) or six (Pro) minutes with typical IT load
  • High quality batteries ensure stable performance over years
  • Minimize the costs related to battery maintenance and replacement

Easy battery replacement

  • Change your battery in seconds
  • Easy and safe access to the internal battery
  • No need to dismantle the whole cabinet

Compact size

  • Small footprint
  • Easy to place nearby a laptop or monitor, underneath a table or at the bottom of an IT rack

Pure sinewave output

  • Less harmonics content, lower fan speed and reduced acoustic noise
  • Improved load performance and prolonged lifetime

Product Features

Simplicity itself
This plug-and-play power protection solution has been created by the world’s foremost UPS designers to make life easy for the user:
•An intuitive LCD display (Pro) and touchscreen LED (Up) allow parameters to be read with the minimum of fuss. USB and RS232 interfaces give access to the outside world.
• Dedicated RJ11/RJ45 sockets protect connected telecoms devices.
• And an integrated cold-start feature means the UPS can start up by itself – when needed.Looking after your batteries
The UPS’s internal enhanced-runtime batteries are designed to give you stable, low-maintenance performance over many years of service. A comprehensive battery management suite and fan cooling ensure batteries are not overloaded and that they do not overcharge, discharge too deeply or overheat. The PowerValue 11LI Pro can be interfaced to a UPS management software on a PC to allow remote monitoring and management of one or multiple UPSs in a networked environment (LAN or Internet). The software can not only prevent data loss resulting from power outages and safely shutdowns, but can also store programming data and UPS shutdown schedules. ABB’s design, technology and quality experience in high-end UPS engineering has been distilled into the line-interactive PowerValue 11LI Up and Pro to produce a UPS that offers full protection and peace of mind for your moderately sized IT applications.

General data
UPS frame rated power Up: 360/480/600/900/1200 W
Pro: 360/480/700/1050/1400 W
UPS output rated PF 0.6 / 0.7 (model dependent)
Wiring 1-ph + N + PE
UPS type Stanalone tower
Topology Line-interactive
Nominal input voltage 230 VAC
Voltage range 170-280 VAC
Frequency range 50 / 60 Hz
Rated output voltage (load dependent) 230 VAC
Rated frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz) +/- 1 Hz
Line-interactive ≥95% (normal mode)
User interface Touchscreen LCD (Up)

LCD (Pro)

Communication ports USB and RS232
Software Monitoring and shutdown software available as option

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


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